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Ripface Invasion - "To Not Give In"

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Ripface Invasion - "To Not Give In"

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The song "To Not Give In" was written about how technology has become the best tool/weapon in modern society. Whether it's the common man using a computer to calculate, research, or create in his everyday life, or it's government or military that uses it for warfare. The possibilities to gain information and knowledge seem to be endless. You do not have to compromise to a lesser understanding of really anything. The ways of being forced into ignorance, because of lack of information is all gone. This song celebrates that fact.

"To Not Give In" depicts the band performing the song in what seems to be a bomb shelter. Ripface Invasion's artwork and imagery revolves around the character "Ripface" that the band has created. You can see some live action shots of Ripface in the band's first video from 2011 for the song "The Last One on Earth", which you will also see in this video. Ripface is in a post-apocalyptic seeming setting. Although his story has not yet been completely told, it is understood through the imagery that devastation has taken place on a colossal scale. He has survived, and he is not the only one. It appears that the world outside is in total anarchy. Ripface is unaware of who or what the good guys or bad guys are, and what has actually happened. The grid seems to be undamaged in his vicinity. He is reaching out through his computer system for any information and/or communication to help lead him to know what is going on.

About The Band:

Ripface Invasion is a coalition of veteran musicians from the New Jersey punk/hardcore/metal scene from over the past 20 years. Ripface Invasion takes on a late eighties early nineties New York hardcore sound. They draw influence from bands like Earth Crisis,Leeway, the Cro-Mags, and Sick of it All. They blend it with hints of late 80's thrash metal, and mid nineties New Jersey beat down styled hardcore. Also, they throw in some punk rock influence from bands like The Misfits and The Ramones. The result is a well rounded original sound, that defies genres and creates it own style of hardcore, that sounds like no other band out there. It's brutal, fast, and full of energy. The experience and passion of its members is obvious, and comes through loud and clear when they take the stage and perform live.

Ripface Invasion was formed in December of 2010 by vocalist Anthony (Red) Paladino, who is a native of Fairview, NJ. Red is the founder and an active member of the Earache Records 1997 new chapter recording artist IDK, since their creation in 1990. The rest of the Ripface Invasion line up consists of original E-town Concrete guitarist Ken Pescatore. He performed and wrote the music on E-Town Concrete's first two albums on Resurrection AD Records. He is also the founding member of Arson, a metal outfit that signed to Resurrection AD Records. The bass guitar duties are held by Tom Conti, who has played along side Red in IDK since 1995. Ripface's drum basher is Dan Lockhart, who is a longtime veteran hardcore drummer. He has played in acts such as One 4 One and A Moment's Peace. Finally, on second guitar is Ant Lefty. He has followed all of the above bands and grew up through the Staten Island, NY hardcore scene.

Ripface Invasion's thrashy punk hardcore crossover style is influenced by many bands. The Misfits, The Ramones, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Leeway, Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D, and Slayer to name a few. Red is the lead vocalist for the band. He is also the primary song writer. He draws from a variety of styles and influences to create song lyrics. Red uses his personal views on societal culture, as heard in "God Fearing Mutants" and "Armchair Politician". He then takes from the insanity of thriller movies, like in "Horrortech", which was inspired by the movie The Collector. In other songs Red draws from his imagination, like in "The Last One on Earth" and "The Dominator". These songs tell the story of a man, who woke up one day to find that no one appeared to be left alive except for himself. The story continues that the man is terrified he is all alone, but shortly thereafter he has an epiphany. He becomes ecstatic that he now holds all the power. This is where "The Dominator "takes over in story.

Ripface Invasion's discography features a 7" vinyl single for their song The Last One on Earth, and their self-titled debut EP, which was released (CD and digital) on July 5, 2011, on IDK music LLC records. The EP featured a number of cameos by some of New Jersey's and New York's punk and hardcore scene mainstays from over the last 20 years. Some of these players include Rey Fonseca from Agents of Man/Maximum Penalty/One4One, Ron Taylor from Backlash, and Fabio Amato and Mike Nappi from IDK.

Ripface Invasion's debut EP received rave reviews from publications, such as The Aquarian Weekly and The Jersey Beat. The EP also reached a respective underground standing with a great review from Further, Ripface Invasion has made a big mark on college radio and on you tube. Ripface Invasion filmed and released a full feature music video for their song "The Last One on Earth". "The Last One on Earth" became a hit on college radio stations, most notably on 89.5 FM WSOU out of NJ. "The Last One on Earth" also became one of the most requested songs on the 89.5 WSOU's street patrol show. Because of this, Ripface Invasion received L/cut status. "The Last One on Earth" was received so well that the song was put into regular rotation, along side all of the major label hard rock/heavy metal acts played on the station.

Ripface Invasion caught the attention of Scorpion records owner Scott Yarmula with their first record in early 2012. Scott reached out to the band to find out their goals and interests, which led to Ripface Invasion signing onto Scorpion records. 'To Not Give In' is a 3 song EP which was released worldwide on July 17, 2012 on Scorpion Records. Ripface Invasion plans to tour in support of both their records this fall and then settle down and record another record, which is to be released in 2013.

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