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Lower Lands - "Socialise With Closed Eyes"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Lower Lands - "Socialise With Closed Eyes"

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The video is kind of our take on the whole Reservoir Dogs thing. It's like "what if we took this open letter to this person, but then kidnapped them and read it directly to them?"

We wanted to keep it light though to match the vibe of the song so we brought in the humour element with some ridiculous torture methods going on and they seemed to really work because by the end of the video our boy's nothing if not compliant!

Filming in suits, although it looks badass, was a pain. We had to do loads of running and LOADS of performance takes with the hot sun beating down on our adonis-like figures. So things got a little bit sweaty out on the locations, but we had bottles of water at the ready etcetc.

We shot the video with Oh My Dog! Films and it was an absolute pleasure. The guys were all really professional, had loads to input in the video and even brought us some lovely food to keep us going throughout the pretty much half marathon we ran to get that 10 seconds of a chase scene!

We put so much thought and effort into this video and really wanted to step things up in terms of production value, storyline and the song in general so we really hope you enjoy it. Peace!

Band Bio:

Lower Lands are a young Alternative Rock band who have achieved a lot in a short space of time. In just under a year, they've shared bills with bands such as Iron Chic, Crazy Arm, Talons, Shapes and Deaf Havana and received airtime on a few national radio stations including Kerrang! Radio and Amazing Radio. They have a new E.P. "Growing Pains" out in April following the great reception of their single Reality in Routine. They're honest guys with a really hard work ethic who put blood sweat and tears into every aspect that makes them who they are.

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