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Two FIsted Law - "The Ballad of Forgotten Souls"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Two FIsted Law - "The Ballad of Forgotten Souls"

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Artist Bio:

Two FIsted Law is a punk rock band from Danbury Ct. Our history dates back to the beginning of the new millennium. Starting in 2007 TFL decided it was time to see this great country of ours and started out on the road to become something more than a bunch of guys drinking in a cramped loud basement, although that's were our hearts remain. Our motto has always been and will always be: "Punk Rock by and for Punk Rock Fans".

About The Video: The Ballad of Forgotten Souls is available everywhere August 14th on the Brother's Keeper EP on Altercation Records. This video was shot entirely on location at the 2014 Upstart Festival. Director Name: Siro Soliani.

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